Support Township Art Gallery During Covid19

We humbly invite your generosity and help for a truly desperate time

Dear friends,

Would You Like To Help Township Art Gallery Continue During despite the COVID19 Pandemic? 

When COVID19 and the lockdown hit,  our three families lost our only source of income.  Like many micro businesses of our kind in South Africa, we are entirely dependent on tourism and foot traffic at our stall in the Watershed on V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.  

But since COVID19 we are unable to keep the shop open and even if we did there are no customers allowed to visit the shop due to Lockdown and various country travel bans. 

In addition to taking our shop online we are offering the opportunity for you to become a Patron of Township Art Gallery through once-off or regular/monthly financial support.

Your patronage will directly stave off hunger and worry in these troubling times. It will mean less stress for us and our families, which in turn will help produce better artworks and online sales from all of us.

As is the custom of South African women of our status and background, we will make every Rand go as far, and last as long as possible.

Our team


Owner & Artist


Sales Assistant


Sales Assistant

how will your funds help?

Your donations of any size will be gratefully received and used to help pay for the following items (in order of importance) for Alima, Pelisa and Chausiki:


* Since sales dried up with the loss of the shopfront, we have no business reserves after creating the website

how long do we need your help for ?

We do not know how long South Africa will be affected by COVID19. 

We will need your help until we can generate the same amount of sales online as we did in an average month at our physical store. 

We will update on our progress via a quarterly newsletter which we will send to all our lovely Patrons. 

Once we are back on our feet as an in-person or online shop, we will take down the Patron page. 

You are welcome to donate as much or as little as you prefer.  We will gratefully accet once-off and regular donations

Alima has spent all her personal savings and business reserves to create an online store for the shop so that we can hopefully continue to sell during the lock down to survive. 

Every little bit of patronage will help us keep ourselves and the Township Art Gallery going

How much to donate?

ANY amount will be received with our deepest gratitude and pride to be supported as an artistic enterprise. You can donate once-off or regularly according to your kind, kind heart. 

The South African Rand is very weak in the world economy so even a small amount to you will mean a lot of help for us

To give you an idea of how far South African Rand (ZAR) go: 

As you can see, a few dollars will go a long way in helping Township Art Gallery and our small team stay afloat. 

where and how will we handle your money ?

Your money will arrive via PayPal into Township Art Gallery's business account. Alima will convert it to Rands and then send one third each to Pelisa and Chausiki. If there is more than enough to feed our families, the rest will be used to help Township Art Gallery.

If you require confirmation of this, please email and we will text you a screenshot of the funds transfers. 

Please note that due to electricity and internet access difficulties, we might not be able to check or transfer Patron gifts every day. 

We will endeavour to do this at least once a week until such a time as we are able to close down the Patron Appeal.

PayPal does not support sending South African Rand (ZAR) yet, so please pay in whatever currency is relevant to your country. 

We have been encouraged to use USD on our website by our bank. We will be able to convert your currency into South African rand via Alima’s bank.

With great humility, we offer this opportunity of patronage to you in an effort to help us continue with our art and our livelihood.  

We are asking you to support us as an artistic enterprise, we do not want a handout. 

This is your chance to directly enable grassroots art and entrepreneurship in a developing nation. One day you can tell your children that you were a patron of the arts during COVID19!

To thank you for your patronage, you will receive a digital print of one of Alima’s artworks* 

This can be printed and displayed as art in your home, or used a digital desktop on your computer or iPad. Please do not sell or mass produce this artwork.

* Thank you in advance for your Patron contributions. Please bear with us as we set up our art-to-digital capabilities. Equipment is scarce and expensive, but we are working on a number of solutions. Rest assured that once you become a Patron, we will keep a note of your contributions and email you the correct number of different digital artworks.